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Sexual Harassment

Helping with Claims against Fraternities for Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment should not be tolerated on college campuses. Many schools have strict rules against sexual harassment, and Title IX also prohibits sexual harassment as part of sex-based discrimination. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is all too common at colleges and universities, and fraternity members are often to blame.

When the harassing actions of a fraternity member or members causes someone harm, the victim has the right to take legal action against their harassers. However, you can bet that fraternity members and leaders will band together to protect one another and the chapter from liability. This makes winning a claim remarkably difficult in many situations. When going up against a fraternity in court, it is important to use every possible legal tool to protect your client’s rights and prove that wrongful sexual harassment occurred.

David K. Easlick, Jr. is a longtime fraternity member and trial attorney who now focuses his practice on helping law firms take on fraternities in court. We believe that fraternities and their members should be held to a high standard of conduct and should not get away with harmful conduct. Contact us to learn how we may be able to help in your case.

Harassment by Fraternities

It is no secret that fraternities are largely focused on two things: drinking and sex. Fraternities carefully select girls to invite to parties, and many sexual assault allegations at colleges involve fraternity members. However, an assault does not have to occur for fraternity members to be out of line, as sexual harassment can cause serious harm to victims.

Some examples of sexual harassment by fraternity members include making repeated sexually demeaning or explicit comments, obtaining and spreading nude or explicit photos of students, stalking, and more. Sexual harassment can not only cause mental and emotional harm, but can also cause a student to feel humiliated or unsafe on campus, which can lead to serious academic issues, as well as a victim dropping out of school. Victims can suffer substantial financial losses in addition to emotional trauma, and fraternities should be held accountable.

How We Can Help

Fraternities are known for protecting their own. When injury occurs, the collusion and cover-up attempts can be more extensive than the conduct that caused the harm. Uncovering all types of misconduct by fraternities often requires a special insight and analysis into how these organizations work. We review reports and evidence with the inside knowledge and understanding needed to reveal wrongdoing.

We also have a clear understanding of how fraternity insurance coverage works, which is critical to ensuring that victims receive the compensation they deserve. Often insurance coverage focuses on the national level, and receiving payment from local chapters can be a challenging matter without the right resources.

Discuss Your Claim against Fraternities with Our Expert Witness Today

David K. Easlick, Jr. works with law firms to help them successfully represent injury victims against fraternities. If you suffered an injury, we can also consult with you regarding your situation and recommend counsel for your case. If you are a lawyer taking on a fraternity in court, we can help you get on the path to success today.