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Fraternity-Related Injuries

Providing Expert Assistance for Plaintiff’s Attorneys in Fraternity Injury Cases

It is no secret that fraternities in the United States regularly engage in conduct that causes injuries to others. Males from age 18 to 22 can make many errors in judgment that result in real harm, and injured victims should be able to hold fraternities fully accountable for their actions. Attorney David K. Easlick, Jr. serves as an expert witness, assisting law firms who are helping injury victims in fraternity-related cases. Get on the path to results today by calling to discuss how a fraternity expert can help your case.

Assisting in a Wide Range of Injury Cases

Hazing - Despite strict anti-hazing college code provisions and criminal laws, fraternities across the United States continue to engage in humiliating and dangerous hazing rituals for pledges. News outlets constantly report on fraternity pledges suffering a wide range of hazing-related injuries. There have been reports of pledges getting hit with metal pipes, forced to lie on broken glass without clothing, and more. In addition to physical injuries, many pledges are subjected to serious mental and emotional trauma. Some fraternities lock pledges in dark basements, withhold food and water, deprive them of sleep, torment them with slurs, insults, and threats, among other things.

Sexual misconduct - Fraternity members are regularly involved in cases involving sexual misconduct, often against attendees at their parties. Some cases involve victims who are too intoxicated to consent or members who administered drugs to unknowing victims. Many cases involve multiple members of a fraternity assaulting a single victim. When fraternity members engage in sexual harassment or sexual assault, victims deserve full justice under the law for their physical injuries and mental trauma.

Drinking-related injuries - It is no secret that fraternities and alcohol often go hand-in-hand. Binge drinking is a major problem for fraternities, whether it involves forcing pledges to drink copious amounts of alcohol or overserving other students at their parties. There are many different injuries that occur as a result of drinking at fraternity parties or during hazing, including:

In some cases, fraternity members fail to seek the medical attention partygoers or members need after an alcohol-related injury. For example, an underage fraternity pledge fell down the stairs after being forced to drink alcohol. The fraternity members failed to call for help, instead leaving him to sleep it off because they did not want to get in trouble for serving alcohol to an underage person or for hazing. The pledge died due to head injuries that would have likely been treatable had the fraternity called 911.

The above are only some examples of cases we work on. If your law firm is representing a plaintiff injured by a fraternity. Discuss how we can help today.

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Attorney David K. Easlick, Jr. has been a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon since 1966 and his goal is to help bring an end to dangerous fraternity practices across the United States. After years as a trial lawyer, he began serving as an expert witness for plaintiffs who suffered harm due to fraternity misconduct. We work directly with law firms, providing consultations and analysis, testifying at depositions, and more. Contact us today to discuss how we can help in your fraternity-related injury claim.