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Binge Drinking Injuries

Helping Law Firms Represent the Victims of Fraternity-related Alcohol Injuries

Alcohol is often a significant part of fraternity culture. From using alcohol as part of hazing or throwing raging parties, alcohol and binge drinking are rampant among fraternities across the country. From dangerous binge drinking come dangerous - and sometimes fatal - injuries.

Injured students and families who tragically lost children due to fraternity misconduct have the right to hold fraternities accountable for their reckless and wrongful actions. However, these cases are difficult, as fraternity leaders from the local and national level will do everything they can to avoid liability. As a law firm representing injured clients, you need all the expert help you can get, and David K. Easlick, Jr. can serve as your expert consultant and witness in fraternity cases.

Examples of Binge Drinking Injuries

National headlines focused on a young fraternity pledge who, after being forced to binge drink, fell on the stairs and hit his head. Fraternity members failed to call for medical help to try to hide evidence of underage binge drinking. The pledge died hours later of treatable head injuries. This is only one of many examples of tragic stories resulting from binge drinking. Each year, there are at least a few students who die of alcohol poisoning during pledging or from being over-served at a fraternity party.

As an expert witness, David K. Easlick, Jr. works on many types of cases involving severe alcohol-related injuries or death, including:

The above are only a few of many examples of fraternity-related binge drinking situations that led to tragic injuries. Sometimes, it is not only the alcohol that is the problem but the fraternity’s response to a crisis - or lack thereof - that causes serious injuries or death. Fraternities seem to be more focused on covering up problems than keeping people safe - or even alive. You need to build the strongest case possible to protect the rights of your clients.

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Attorney David K. Easlick, Jr. dedicates his expert knowledge and understanding of fraternity culture, leadership, and insurance coverage to help lawyers representing clients who suffered binge drinking injuries and losses. Call today to learn more about our services.